The Furnace of Leadership Development


Do you feel your leadership skills don’t measure up? Have you been left with the impression that leadership is an easy path?Are you afraid to ask questions about leadership for fear others will think less of you? Join Rick at the firehouse kitchen table for a cup of coffee and insight into the challenges leaders face. You’ll learn:

  • The pain and rewards of INTEGRITY
  • The need for strong relationships to BUILD TRUST
  • Why organizational MONSTERS are created
  • To EMBRACE the chaos of decision-making

… and so much more! Dive into the furnace, become a leader with character, and take action when others won’t.


Rick Davis captures aspects of leadership experiences not commonly discussed in other books and sources. As I read his book, I found myself saying "Why hasn't anyone discussed this?"

Craig H.

…this is a book of practical leadership lessons, written by someone with real leadership experience.

Prairie Book Worm

Rick Davis has written an effective and timely leadership book based on his military and professional firefighting experience. These are real-world experiences that provide principles, lessons, tactics and strategies to life that will help the reader become a more effective and successful leader. Of particular value, are Rick's use of biblical affirmations that reinforce the lessons he shares by affirming their values and timelessness.

Cheryl L.


Fire Officer Leadership Academy