Personal Development is Like Climbing a Ladder

In a career, climbing the ladder often refers to vertical movement through an organizational hierarchy. Are you ascending the ladder of personal development or are you watching someone else go higher while you whittle away time? Are you trying to climb the ladder of development by yourself or are others helping you?

The photo shows a firefighter at the tip of a 105’ ladder while another firefighter is at the controls on the turntable. Could one firefighter back the truck into position, operate the stabilizers, extend the ladder, and then climb to the top without the help of anyone else? Sure, but that is not how we operated in the fire department I worked at. Functioning as a team increases the efficiency, speed, and safety of the operation. All of which are necessary components for successful firefighting and rescue where time is of the essence.

Reading leadership books, articles, and blogs is good practice, but that is a single person activity, and it only takes you so far and at a slower pace of development. On the other hand, attending seminars, workshops, webinars, and other training sessions takes advantage of a team approach and involves a synergistic effect on your development. Likewise, using the services of a coach or mentor allows you to climb to higher levels and increases your impact on the lives of others.

What are you doing to improve yourself? Are you doing it on your own or do you take advantage of the team approach? Do you have a coach or a mentor? Comment below as I am curious to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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