Dual Footprints -Becoming a World Class Mentor, Part 1

I shot the above photo when my daughter and I took an evening walk along the beach in North Carolina. The footprints are a visual representation of walking alongside another person and being a mentor to them.


Coming alongside someone else and being a mentor requires a commitment on the part of both parties:

  • A commitment of time
  • A commitment to be transparent
  • A commitment to slay the ego
  • A commitment to listen
  • A commitment to grow and develop
  • A commitment to accountability

If either party is not willing to make these commitments, then they should not enter a mentoring relationship as frustration will quickly erupt.

Personal Satisfaction

When the commitment is present then a great deal of satisfaction is derived from helping someone else, watching them grow, and seeing them achieve their goals. In my book, The Furnace of Leadership Development, I wrote, “One of the most important elements of leadership is developing others and encouraging them to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually in their own leadership endeavors.”

Over the next few weeks, I will address the bullet points listed above and go into more detail for each one. In the meantime, are you being mentored and are you mentoring someone? If not, what prevents you from being involved with either one?

What holds you back from developing your skills as a mentor? Through coaching, I can help you improve your skills and abilities as a mentor for you to be more effective and impactful in this important role. Contact me at [email protected] and visit my website at www.fireofficerleadershipacademy.com.

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